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Welcome to the Bridge Rectifier wiki.

Here you can find more detailed information about the hackerspace, available facilities, group projects, events and workshops etc.

Please note that links in red are pages which have yet to be written.

The space

The Bridge Rectifier space is located at Unit 1B, Hebble End Works.

Public events

Details of regular public events held at the space.

We also host other regular meetings, but these are limited to members.


Member groups host meetings and may have their own equipment and projects at the space.

Proposals for new groups are welcomed.


Details of current projects.


Bridge Rectifier is a co-operative and a non-profit company limited by guarantee.

Official meetings


  • TBC - financial year ends 31-Jul-17
  • AGM could be September?


  • 2016 Annual General Meeting (Saturday 19th November 2016)