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Open evenings are hosted at the space on most Wednesdays from 19:00-21:00, with those potentially interested in membership invited to come along to find out more about Bridge Rectifier and to meet members.

If you are considering coming along it advised to check the rota (see below) and/or post to the forum, just to confirm that the space will be open.

It's also worth posting to the forum prior to attending if you have a specific interest. This helps ensure someone with roughly aligned interests is there. We'd hate to waste your time.

There is no charge for attending, but after having attended two open evenings membership is required.


There is no format as such and it tends to be simply a social evening, although members may be working on projects.

A group of us usually head along to a local pub at around 21:00.


Who is down for opening up.


  • 28th March: ???
  • 21st March: ???


Previous dates noted for posterity/fairness. Remember to update this list when updating upcoming.

  • 14th March: Guy (roboguy)
  • 7th March: Guy (roboguy)
  • 28th February: ???
  • 21st February: Guy (roboguy)
  • 14th February: Emma (emma)
  • 7th February: ???
  • 24th January: ???
  • 17th January: Guy (roboguy)
  • 10th January: Emma (emma)
  • 3rd January: Guy (roboguy)
  • 27th December: Closed
  • 20th December: Guy (roboguy)
  • 13th December: Closed?
  • 6th December: Guy (roboguy)
  • 29th November: Emma (emma)
  • 22nd November: Giles (Giles)
  • 15th November: Guy (roboguy)
  • 8th November: Guy (roboguy)
  • 1st November: Emma (emma)
  • 25th October: Nobody?
  • 18th October: Paul D (paul123)
  • 11th October: Emma (emma)
  • 4th October: Andrew (9600)
  • 27th September: Guy (roboguy)
  • 20th September: Emma (emma)
  • 13th September: Emma (emma)
  • 30th August: Guy (roboguy)
  • 28th June: Andrew (9600)
  • 7th June: Guy (roboguy)
  • 31st May: Giles (Giles)
  • 24th May: Guy (roboguy)
  • 17th May: Guy (roboguy)
  • 10th May: Giles (Giles)
  • 3rd May: Andrew (9600)
  • 26th April: Guy (roboguy)
  • 19th April: Guy (roboguy)
  • 12th April: Paul D (Paul123)
  • 1st March: Andrew B (9600)
  • 22nd February: Guy (RoboGuy)
  • 15th February: Paul D (paul123).
  • 8th February: Paul D (paul123).
  • 1st February: Andrew B(9600)
  • 25th January: Guy (RoboGuy)
  • 18th January: Guy (RoboGuy)
  • 11th January: Paul D (paul123)
  • 4th January: Andrew B (9600)
  • 21st December: Guy (RoboGuy)
  • 14th December: Andrew B (9600)
  • 7th December: Andrew B (9600)
  • 30th November: Paul D (paul123)
  • 23rd November: Andrew B (9600)