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Bridge Rectifier Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. We are a non-profit organisation, a co-operative, and we do not have shareholders.

The company was initially formed with a set of generic articles. However, with the generous help of Mark Simmonds, a new set of articles were drafted that made us into a co-operative. These were drafted together with the membership and once we were happy with them, initially circulated on 23rd October 2015, subsequently signed by the directors and then filed with Companies House on 26th October 2015.

Original documents

The original documents submitted on 26/10/15 can be found below.

Wikified articles

The articles have also been copied onto this wiki and marked-up for convenience, e.g. to make it easier to reference a particular paragraph via the forums and e-mail by directly linking to it.

See Articles_of_Association_of_Bridge_Rectifier_Ltd.

Note that:

  • Some of the sections headings have been added, since the wiki needs to have these for convenient navigation and linking. Where this has been done an attempt has been made to use the heading to summarise that section.
  • The original documents are the legally binding ones and to be considered the master version!