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  • Usually meets on first Tuesday of each month, 7 - 9pm.
  • Upcoming sessions include 2nd May, 6th June & 4th July, 1st August & 5th September 2017. Also see Events calendar & this discussion thread:
  • Sessions can be a talk on a chosen topic, or a group investigation into a particular idea or technique.
  • Potential to collaborate on a project, eg for a community art installation, and maybe even working with other groups.

Drawing Machines

  • A presentation is available to show widely varying approaches to the creation of drawing machines. This includes methods for randomly creating imagery, through to abstract machines, and machines capable of representational drawing.
  • Several drawing machines have been developed, including robotic Arduino-based machines, and a motion capture approach using Microsoft Kinect.

Todmorden Lamplighter (Nov 2016)

  • Working under commission from Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, a project was developed in conjunction with Todmorden CE Primary School.
  • Year 5 pupils were asked to pair up & make pencil drawings of 'mythical fire creatures', following the festival's 2016 theme. Children then re-worked drawings by using a single 3m length of string, taped to black paper.
  • Drawings were then transcribed onto builders' polythene sheet, roughly 60 x 60cm, using a CD pen to avoid smearing.
  • Electroluminescent wire, of various colours, was obtained in 3m lengths, along with combined inverters/ sequencers and 4 x AA battery packs. This enabled 5 wire drawings to be powered from 1 battery pack and inverter. 3 batches of kit enabled 15 similar drawings to be created.
  • [kit details to be documented]. Sourced from:
  • Finished drawings were taped to the inside of window frames in the first floor of Central Methodist Church, next to the main carpark in Todmorden.


See separate thread

Hebden Bridge Arts Festival (Jun 2017)

Several ideas have been generated for this event. Further work is needed to develop these.