2016 Annual General Meeting

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Planning discussions should be directed to the forum.

Date, time and venue

Date and time: Saturday 19th November 2016, 1PM.

Venue: Bridge Rectifier, Hebble End Works, Hebden Bridge.


Meeting called by: Rob Blake on behalf of the board of directors

Meeting facilitator: Rob Blake.

Remote participation


Proxy voting

Members who are unable to attend the AGM and that would like to appoint a proxy represent their views in a poll to vote, should consult the relevant section in the Articles:


Notice shall by given by e-mailing the directors via directors@bridgerectifier.org.uk from the e-mail address that is registered against their membership.


Welcome and review of progress (Andrew Back)

Andrew will open the meeting with a look back at the origins of the hackerspace and progress made.

Treasurer's report (Guy Lymer)

Guy will present the accounts.

Elect new board of directors

Members (re-)elect directors.


Each member shall cast a single vote for or against each of the following motions:

Director roles & responsibilities (Andrew Back)

It is proposed that all Directors must:

  • Be a signatory to the bank account and commit to authorising online transactions as required;
  • Open up the space at least once a month.

Exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances, subject to approval by the other directors.

Laser Cutter purchase (Andrew Back)

It is proposed to commit £1,000 of Bridge Rectifier funds towards the purchase of a CNC laser cutter and initial sheet stock material, with the remainder being funded via a grant application. In the event that the application is not successful, it is proposed to raise the remainder via a crowdfunding campaign.

Small general purchases (Andrew Back)

It is proposed that the Directors be able to purchase tools, equipment and materials up to a total value of £500 per calendar month, subject to unanimous approval of all the directors. Which is to say that such purchases need not be approved by the wider membership.

Electronic membership system (Rob Blake)

It is proposed to create an electronic membership system for Bridge Rectifier using our WordPress site as a starting point.

The software costs are estimated to be circa $100 (USD) and approval is sought for a maximum expenditure of $150 as a contingency.


Please note that since these are simply points of discussion, with no concrete proposal or motion being put forward, they are not motions being put to the vote at this meeting.

Heating (Rob Blake)

Discuss the possibility of buying an electric boiler heating system.

Rubbish (Rob Blake)

Discuss ways of dealing with the waste problem.

Meeting close