2017 Annual General Meeting

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Agenda for Bridge Rectifier AGM 2016/7.

Welcome and review of progress by founders (Andrew, Guy & Martin)

The founders will open the meeting with a look back at the origins of the hackerspace and progress made to date.

Treasurer's report (Guy Lymer)

Guy will present the accounts.

Elect new board of directors

Members (re-)elect directors from nominations published on the 11th April, final closing date for votes 25th April.

Directors roles and responsibilities need to be discussed and reaffirmed.

The present board of directors will automatically stand for re-election apart from Andrew Back who will be stepping down for the next term.

For details of those standing see 2018-2019_Board_Election.

Distribution of roles & responsibilities


Guy would like to step down as treasurer after this coming financial year. In light of this an additional treasurer will be required who can work with Guy during the coming year for effective hand over.


3D Printing

Lead 3D printer trainer required.

Laser cutting

Guy to continue as lead trainer for the laser cutter.

Others invited to volunteer also.


Social media & publicity promoter.


Group liaison officer for dealing with external enquires wishing to use the space.

Access to group email account to pick up enquiries & distribute tasks.

Membership Secretary

Guy has offered to continue the administration of membership records.

Company Secretary

Company Secretary required to fulfil obligations with Companies House etc. Not particularly onerous and just a few small tasks/year to be completed.

Need to hand over role from Andrew, along with official company documentation and access for filing details on CH website.

Other potential roles to be discussed

Use of space by people during the day time

Heating costs of £1 per hour need to be discussed & how to implement, by opening the space during the day it would increase the availability & accessibility to others which is an obvious benefit to all concerned. A clear cost needs to be discussed for using the space and defined. Possibility of installing an electric meter to be discussed cost/benefit analysis.

Management of financial resource signatories for capital expenditure

At present three signatories are necessary to make a financial transaction, it is proposed that this should be changed to only 2. Vote required & more directors required to become signatories on the account.

Membership drive & future planning

Methods of increasing the membership numbers need to be discussed including how we can attract and draw new members to the group. Ideas to be recorded regarding future directions of the group including any branding in terms of maker/hacker space et cetera.

Any Other Business