2018-2019 Board Election

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Members (re-)elect directors from nominations published on the 11th April, final closing date for votes 25th April.

Directors roles and responsibilities include being a signatory for financial transactions and also opening up the space at least once a month.

Members standing again


The present board of directors will automatically stand for re-election apart from Andrew Back who will be stepping down for the next term.

The existing directors up for re-election include: -

  • Guy Lymer
  • Martin McGarrigle
  • Carolyn Walker (Caz)
  • Paul Dale
  • Giles Edwards


Two members would also like to put their names forward to become directors: -

  • Steven Griffiths

I have a background in technical support, and PC based design back when they used to print stuff. My tech support history goes from call centre support for PC World to looking after 100-odd Linux servers as the manager of a small data centre in Sheffield. Along the way I've taught myself a lot of web design, tinkered with photography, and filled my brain with as much geeky stuff as I can manage. I also bake. More recently I've gone self-employed which has given me some free time, which I am using to get in to/mess around with 3d printing, make jewellery, and find more geeky stuff with which to fill my brain.

  • Patrick Devine (Pat)

I have a software and legal/commercial background and want to learn more about electronics and make use of Pi/Arduino/environmental sensors etc.