Cubicle for dirty tools

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  • Giles, Pat, Neil, Richard, Paul, Guy were discussing this on Wednesday 2nd May, 2018.
  • We're not yet financially ready to rent new space.
  • Delicate equipment (3D printer, laser cutter) needs to be kept free of dust and chippings, from drills & lathes etc.
  • We agreed to experimentally try a "cubicle" partitioned off in front of the emergency-exit door.
  • The floor area will be 152 x 285 cm. Poly sheeting will be studded to wall, floor, beams.
  • A vacuum cleaner with attachment to the router is expected to keep most of the large debris contained.
  • A dustpan and brush will be used for the remainder.
  • The entry to the cubicle will be the existing emergency-exit door.
  • To satisfy emergency exit needs, a knife and sign can be provided.
  • A handle / lock will need to be put into the corridor side of the door, so to still allow unhindered emergency exits.
  • Pat will look to see if he has some sheeting.
  • If it contains the dust sufficiently, then it can stay.
  • If it doesn't, a solution will have to be re-thought.